The Parish Council meets regularly at the Community Centre, and this is where they will share the minutes of their meetings.
Minutes from November 2012 can be viewed here.
The minutes from the meeting on 8th February 2013 will be published once passed by the council at the next meeting.

A meeting of the Marlesford Parish Council will be held on Friday 9th august at 7.30pm in the Marlesford Community Centre.\ Memmbers of the public are welcome to attend.
1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of previous meeting (held 23rd May 2013)
3. Reports from representatives of outside bodies
4. Planning update
5. Hacheston/Parham solar development
6. Matters arising from previous minutes
- Road condition
- Bus shelter
- Sand box by village sign
7. A12 update
8. School Lane
9. Marlesford WiFi
10.Risk Assessment
11.Finance report
12.Any other business
13.Date of next meeting

You may also be interested to know who your Parish Councilors are :
Lord Marlesford, Chair, Marlesford Hall email address
Reverend Harry Edwards, Vice-Chair, The Rectory, email address telephone 01728 746747
Mr Joe Faulkner, Clerk to the Council, Walker's Cottage, Low Road, email address
Mr Sam Catling, 7 Hall Road email address telephone 01728 746602
Mr Roger Waterfall, Planning, 1, Mill Lane email address telephone 01728 747038
Mr Paul Thomas, Farmcafe at Marlesford, email address telephone 07789 730999
Dr Margaret Carswell, School Cottage, Church Road, email address telephone 01728 745068
Ms Lesley Bensley, The Firs, Church Road, email address, telephone 07901 882464

I am the new gleaner, or collector, of Marlesford news for the parish magazine. If you have any stories, useful tips, jokes (that are suitable!) memories or anything else that you think would be interesting, please email them to me at or write them out and drip them in at 1 Mill Lane. You may be a great cartoonist and could do a suitable sketch to record an event, for instance. The parish magazine is for all village news, not simply church news.

Nan Waterfall 747038

Marlesford Annual Church Meeting. Click here.