How much do you know about listed buildings?
Well, the PCC know rather a lot, as your village Church is a Grade 1 listed building. Grade 1 is possibly the greatest honour that can be granted to a building, which is described by English Heritage as being of "exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important". Of the roughly 374,000 buildings that are listed 1-3, only 2.5%, about 6,850 have Grade 1 status, and along with some other villages in the Benefice and Greater Benefice we have one of them! To put it into perspective, a few other buildings with Grade 1 status are Buckingham Palace, The Royal Observatory and The Albert Hall as well as many other iconic parts of the nations heritage.

Being in such good company means that the PCC has responsibility to ensure that we preserve and protect the Church of St Andrew for the village, as it truly is part of history. To that end, the PCC has been engaged on a long term project, raising just under £9000 over the past 3-4 years to have the interior of the Church lime washed. This is the first time that it has been done in living memory, and we are absolutely delighted with the results. Tempting as it may have been to spruce the inside of the Church up with some bright white paint, our special status meant that we had to employ the services of a professional, traditional lime washing business, who did the job pretty much the same way that it has been done for the past seven hundred years, just with more scaffolding!

Maybe you've already come and had a look, or perhaps you wouldn't normally drop in, but we would welcome and encourage anyone with an interest in the Church, in their community or with a sense of history to come in and have a look.